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Velipoja ?!

- Velipoja is a very nice touristic centre,with a rich panorama, where sea, beach,river ,island s,forest, hills etc are all linked together. It is a suitable place to watch east Adriatic birds in the dene of sand and the ponds of low water. It iis a land with a very old population, rich etno folcloric traditions, whith great fishers and farmers, very welcome and with a fine sens of humor.
-Velipoja offers holiday makers the ability to have funin a seaside line with very clean water and very rich sand, but its not all,it is rich with natural unique values in which are Plazhi madh 14 km long,and 200 meters wide,with rich and clean sand.the residents call it "the sand of well doing"for its virtue of cure. The beach generates every year of its up bringing of the waves,. making the percentage of salt very hi, the beach is sorrounded by forest with pine trees and other type of wood, .with yellow bushes, water plant valleys, denes etc.
- The coastline village, The big beach, ,and the touristic centre are based on the south west of Shkoder, 35 km away from it, .in the Velipoja field drenched from the Adriatik sea in te border wit montengro, which river BUNA separates them with its spoutspill, the reliev is all valleys, from 1-3 meters up the sea level upto 550 meters..
- Velipoje has a mild climate (medium temperature 6-7C) the sumer is quite hot (julys medium temeperatures24C upto 48C maximum). The best period for sunbaths starts from june and lasts upto september. for those who are more physically vulnerable this period lasts from April to October. Falls round 1400 rainfalls a year.the rain concentrates on the second half of autumn an winter.
- The name Velipoja comes from the old slavic velipoje (big field), .the touristic area has a surface of 300 hectars and its borderd with managed reserves of Velipoja, in the south of adriatic sea,in the east of lezha, ,and in the west of Buna river.

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