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Tuesday, 17 April 2012 18:33
 Welcome to Fier!  You will find a place full of history, natural beauty, welcoming beaches and hospitality.

The city is known for its vital and hard-working people, and its peaceful coexistence of diversified origins and religions.  Traditions, customs, celebrations, ceremonies, folk dresses, songs and dances create a great offer for cultural tourism.

Fier, one of the largest urban centers in Albania, is located in a favorable geographical position, with a rich historical heritage, including old civilization remains such as: Apollonia, Bylis, and Ardenica. apollonia monasteryLocated in Albania’s southwestern plain, with an area of 795 ha and an average height of 20 m above the sea level, Fier is located only 18 km away from the Adriatic sea and some of the most picturesque beaches in Albania such as Seman, Hidrovor, Darezeze, and Divjake.  The area also offers some of the richest lagoons in the country. These lagoons host diversified flora as well as regional and migratory birds including some rare species.

The city is crossed by three rivers, Gjanica, Seman, and Vjosa, which offer great potential for hunting and other sport activities. The waters of these rivers are exploited for irrigation and are one of the major factors for the abundance of agricultural production in Fieri district.  The city also has a Mediterranean climate, with 300 days of sunshine each year, with mild and wet winters, and dry, hot summers.   Proximity to the coast and to the three rivers influence its favorable climate.  The geographical position, climatic elements and geological composition of the fertile land in Fier create the possibilities for a successful cultivation of agricultural crops and a variety of other plants and trees.  A rich and long tradition paired with modern values and technology makes Fier the largest producer of natural and organic agricultural products in Albania.

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