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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 11:31
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Pogradec is a pleasant and modern city with about 40,000 inhabitants. Located in eastern-central Albania, it is a wonderful destination for visitors! Albania is located on the Balkan Peninsula of Europe. Pogradec is a crossroads for other Balkan Countries as well due to its close proximity to Macedonia and Greece. Two border crossing points to Macedonia are very close to Pogradec: the crossing at Tushemisht is 5km away from the city and the crossing at Thane Neck is 25km away.

Pogradec is located in south-eastern Albania along Lake Ohrid. The lake has a maximum depth of 310 meters, making it the deepest lake in the Balkans. Pogradec is bordered to the south-east by the region of Korca. The Moker region starts at Elbasan and continues to the western edge of Pogradec. Two other lakes in this region are the Great Prespa and the Small Prespa.

Pogradec is situated at 720 meters above sea level and is surrounded by a crown of mountains and Lake Ohrid. The high mountains provide the background of this lovely landscape. The city has a healthy climate.

East of Lake Ohrid the majestic mountain "Mali i Thate" rises to an altitude of 2,200 meters. You can see white snow, green grass, and clean blue water around Pogradec in almost every season of the year. The air around Pogradec and the entire region of Lake Ohrid has some of the richest levels of oxygen in the both the entire Balkan region and beyond. Sunlight in the clean waters of the lake can penetrate up to 25 to 30 meters below the water's surface.

The warmth and hospitality of Albanians is a special characteristic throughout the country, but especially for the people of Pogradec. The majority of the population of Pogradec is Muslim, but they cohabitate with the Christian community. The slender minarets of mosques and the decorative orthodox churches create the city's image.

Pogradec has an artistic tradition and has produced many distinguished and well-known painters, wood carvers, and writers of poetry and prose such as Lasgush Poradeci-- considered to be the greatest lyric poet of Albania. You can find artistic elements and architecture in the city. Do not be surprised if you find art studios, wood carving studios, or bookstores in the alleys of the city and the villages.

You can come to Pogradec by private car, bus, van, or taxi. The nearest airport is located in Ohrid, Macedonia. You can also use Mother Teresa Airport in Tirana, Albania.

Whenever you decide to come to Pogradec, make sure to stay a few days so that you will have time to enjoy your holidays in this wonderful place. Do not forget to stop by the offices of the municipality so that you can obtain information about the city, such as hotels and restaurants, so that you can enjoy your stay as much as possible.

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