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Shkodra is a city of 109,632 inhabitants of Albania north-western district town of the same name which lies between the shores of the lake, near the rivers Drin and Buna, and also at the confluence of Bojana (Buna) and Drin. Shkodra is a thriving commercial and industrial, the main products of the local manufactures are tobacco, textiles, leather, cement and construction materials. The village is situated at the foot of a Venetian citadel built in the fifteenth century and perched on a hill. The city is from 9.5 m to 24m above sea level. Ancient capital of Illyria, Shkodra was captured by the Romans in 168 BC The Serbs occupied the town in the seventh century and in the fourteenth century, sold it to the Venetians. Following suffered the domination of the Turks who settled in the fifteenth century and remained in control until 1913, when it came under the governmentof Montenegro during the Balkan wars. In the same year it was occupied by international forces and soon became part of the newborn independent kingdom of Albania. Shkodra has a wonderful nature and climate. It is close to Lake Skadar, the largest in the Balkans, with an area of 370 square kilometers. In Shkodra crossing the river Drin, Buna and Kir. Shkodra is also surrounded by a group of mountains as the Cukal (1722 meters),Maranaj (1,576 meters), Tarabosh and Sheldi.
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