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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 22:18


The city of Berat is presented before you as an open-air museum,speaks with the power and the magic of the values and the valuableassets that bring the fusion of spirit and culture of our ancestors, and which have kept the flame burning of civilization for over 2400 yearsold. The city appears as a monument of unparalleled continuity andcoexistence, and today gives us authentic evidence and a series oftruths that preserve and illuminate the Albanian ancestry. Visiting the town and the castle, having the chance to know the National Museum "Onofrio", where all the beautiful possonorivederedescriptions made by Onofrio, Nicholas Onofrio Cyprus, KostandiShpataraku, the dynasty of painters Katro and Cetiri. At the same time you can also visit some of the pearls of architecture and painting, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine found within the walls of the castle and museum in the districts that are covered with frescoes by anonymous painters. Berati relaxes you, ennobles you, makes you feel like you're in your house and a visitor diventasri its inhabitant. Within the walls of Beerat surely you can find the family affection, devotion to his friend, to tell you and show you the passion of the city, on the facts: food, souvenirs on ...., and on the songs so you canfeel the human concern .




Xhilda Lapardhaja-actress
Klodian Arber-player
Agathangjel Mbrica-artist
Iliaz Vrioni-Prime Minister
Agim Matrapazi-player
Kozma Dushi-singer
Shpend Sollaku Noah-writer and poet.