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The Amantia National Park lies in a spectacular location, high in the Kurvelesh Mountains to the east of the city of Vlora. A rough road leads the visitor there, some 50 minutes drive from Vlora.


Amantia is located on a prominent bluff with a fortified acropolis while the sides of the steep hill are terraced. One of the gates to the acropolis has been restored. On the southern side is a religious complex with a platform for a colonnaded Greek-style temple dedicated to Aphrodite and a small stadium for associated religious games. A series of monumental tombs are also to be found in the vicinity.+-
The city seems to have been founded in the 6th or 5th century BC and become the centre of the local Amantis tribal grouping. It lay on an important route along the valley of the River Vijosa from the Kurvelesh region to the Drinos valley near Tepelena. This and the existence of the religious sanctuary clearly enriched the city and ensured its prosperity into the Roman period.
While not much is known of the later history of Amantia, in the 5th or 6th century the temple of Aphrodite was demolished and replaced by a Christian basilica.